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Season Start!

We are all very excited to get the season underway with our first competitive tournament this weekend in Bozeman. I will be out there all day Saturday, so if you see me please stop by, introduce yourself and say hi.


Prior to the season and the start of players competing I want to reiterate a few items:

  • The Game is for the children. They get to play and the rest of us are to support and enjoy.
  • All soccer players make a lot of mistakes but especially developing ones. These mistakes happen and a critical part of the learning process.
  • Magic City coaches will increasingly be stressing the importance of keeping the ball, playing out of pressure, and switching the point of attack. One day the teams will be playing beautiful soccer, but probably not this weekend.
  • A great way to switch the point of attack is to play backwards as this relieves pressure and opens space. We want our goalkeepers involved in the attack.
  • Referees should only be spoken to by the coaches and they know that they should worry about your children and not the referee.


The focus of all youth club should be on Development and Magic City Soccer Club is no exception. We want to teach our players the game, we want to teach them the various skills and tactics that will make them more successful in specific moments of the game. We can control teaching how to play out of pressure and recognizing when to switch the point of attack. We cannot control how good, how organized, how lucky the opponent is, which means that we cannot control the result of the competition, and will therefore place very little emphasis on the result until our players are 16 years or older. Below are some things that you can look for which will display development and are easier for us to control.


Things to look for:

  • Count how many times your team passes to the Goalkeeper.
  • Count how many times your team switches the point of attack.
    • How many in the defensive third?
    • How many in the middle third?
    • How many in the final third?
  • How many 2v1’s were created? In what part of the field?



  • Things you will hear me talk about with your coach


    1. Style of play: The principles which guide player decision making on the field
      1. We are aiming for a possession based style of soccer.
      2. All decisions should be based on playing out pressure and into space while maximizing the chances of keeping the ball.
    2. Tactics:
      1. Specific tactics such as attack the wings with outside backs.
    3. Formation:
      1. Positions that players begin the game playing
      2. There are a ton of formational variations
      3. At this level formation is far less important than Style of Play and Tactics


Things to say to your player:

  • “I loved watching you play!”
  • “It looked like you had a great time!”
  • “What was your favorite part of the game!”
    • All of these questions place the power in the hands of the player. This type of questioning with youth players, indicates that you care about their enjoyment of the game and allow them to display their own knowledge of the intricacies of the game if so inclined. Sometimes after games, the last thing any athlete or coach wants to think about is the game.


I am looking forward to this weekend and seeing our kids out on the field competing, laughing and having fun. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to get to know all of you better.

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