10 Best Soccer Teams In The World

The renowned business magazine “Forbes” regularly publishes which clubs are the most valuable worldwide. The Champions League season is in full swing, the first duels of the big names in international football have already taken place. Time to look at the ten most successful teams in the history of the CL.

Since 1992, the UEFA Champions League has attracted hundreds of thousands of football fans every year. From 1955 to 1992 it was the European Cup of National Champions.

In the current season, the UEFA Champions League or European Cup of National Champions will be held and as every year, the national champions of various European countries try to win the title.

Best Soccer Teams

So, without further ado, here is the list of best soccer teams in the world.

Real Madrid

With ten wins in the national championship and the UEFA Champions League and two UEFA Cup victories, the Spanish record champion is Europe’s most successful club. Unlike the majority of Europe’s top clubs, Real Madrid is not a corporation, but continues to be organised as a sports club.

AC Mailand

Milan’s list of successes seems endless: 18 national championship titles, five national cup victories, seven European Cup and UEFA Champions League victories, four World Cup wins, two European Cup victories and five UEFA Supercup final victories.

FC Bayern München

With its 251,000 members, FC Bayern Munich is the second largest sports club in the world. The club is very successful at international level with seven European Cup victories, five of them in the Champions League and the European Cup of National Champions. The club’s greatest success came in 2013 when it won the triple.

FC Barcelona

In 2009, the Catalans were the first Spanish club to win the triple, comprising the Spanish championship, the Spanish Cup and the Champions League (five times in total). A few months later, Barcelona also won the UEFA Super Cup, the Spanish Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup, making them the first football club to win six titles in a year.

FC Liverpool

With 18 championship titles, Liverpool FC is one of England’s most successful clubs, winning the FA Cup seven times and the league cup eight times. At European level, The Reds have won the European Cup of National Champions, the UEFA Champions League five times and the UEFA Cup three times.

Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax is one of four clubs – alongside Juventus Turin, Bayern Munich and Chelsea – that have won the Champions League (four times: 1971-1973, 1995), the UEFA Cup (1992) and the European Cup Winners’ Cup (1987). He is one of the most successful clubs in the Netherlands.

Inter Mailand

Inter Milan is the only football club in Italy that has never retired from Serie A. Inter won the European Cup of National Champions twice in the 1960s, the UEFA Cup three times in the 1990s and the UEFA Champions League in 2010, making them the first Italian club to win the triple this year.

Manchester United

One of the largest and most supported clubs in England, United managed to establish national dominance in the 1990s, as FC Liverpool did in the mid-1970s and early 1980s, which led to a strong rivalry between the two clubs. With the victory of the Triple in 1999, the climax of this era was reached. Manchester have won the Champions League title three times.

Juventus Turin

Juventus official 31 Italian championship titles (two of 33 title wins have been withdrawn) are national records. Juve was also the first football club to win all three European cups – the UEFA Cup, the European Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Cup of National Champions (twice) in the course of his club’s history.

Benfíca Lissabon

To date, they have reached the final of the European Cup of National Champions five times (two victories), the UEFA Cup final once and twice the final of the UEFA Europa League – but they have lost to their opponents, which many of the supporters’ attribute to the so-called Guttmann curse.

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