10 Best Soccer Leagues

Wondering which is the best soccer league in the world?

The top soccer leagues are always the most entertaining as well. Instead of converting this discussion into a heated debate, we thought to statistically pick the best soccer leagues and then create a rank for each of them based on their performance.

To be honest, this wasn’t any feast. We had to spend some serious time to pull out this list and make an in-depth research to pick the most successful leagues.

Best Soccer Leagues

We took into accounts games played by each league, red cards, point differential from first to last and continental victories as a criterion for our ranking.

So, without further ado, let us take a sneak peek of these amazing leagues and their victories over the years.

English Premier League

You simply can’t rank it on a lower rank. This league has a goal average of 1.33 per game with 0.06 red cards, having 26 continental wins and a point differential of 31. If we sum it up as an overall, it ranks fifth in goals per game, second in discipline and continental victories and fourth in differential point but still EPL tops our charts today.

The league has enormous success and has six clubs qualifying for knockout rounds of Champion League and even the Europa League.

All of their wins spread across seven clubs with the best wins in Europe and most of the stats better than La Liga.


Bundesliga holds a record of 1.59 goals per game with only 0.11 red cards per game, having continental wins of 21 and a point differential of 33. When compared to La Liga (stats below) Bundesliga completely outranks it but in few statistics only.

When it comes to goals per game, this league is already beating many others. If we some of the clubs in Germany, most of them have scored 20 goals in this season.

Bundesliga, at the European level, Germans have two fewer wins than Spain and one less team in two continental matches.

Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich played their role in securing five wins for the league in Europe whereas Borussia Dortmund gave four wins to Germans with three of them by Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke.

Though they were eliminated from the Europe League, Freibug secured a European win for the league. Needless to say, Germans still have a better point differential.

La Liga

The favorite league of millions of soccer fans. La Liga has 1.45 goals per game with an average of 0.12 red cards per game, 23 continental wins and point differential of 39. Though Spain is usually a two or three club league, it has still got the potential to give a hard time to the bigger leagues with more clubs.

Its point differential compared to Atletico Madrid to Real Betis in league table is 39 and a gap between its first and fourth place of 14.

It is already clear from their goal average that scoring a goal is a no hustle for these clubs.

Ukrainian Premier League

UPL holds an average of 1.26 goals per game with 0.04 red cards per game, 12 continental wins and 33 point differentials, ranking them number 4 on our list of best soccer leagues. Those of you getting confused why UPL is ranked so high is because of their strong domestic league and statistics.

They have 16 clubs in total and each one of the is top when it comes to discipline and having only 11 red cards in the season is the lowest across all the leagues we have listed.


Another popular league, averaging 1.71 goals per game with 0.13 red cards per game, having 7 continental wins and a point differential of 22. What makes them rank high is the goal per game and the point differential.

Needless to say, Dutch never fails to entertain us on domestic football level. The only thing which might be a drawback is that they have only two teams left in continental competition in Ajax and AZ and both of these are in Europa League.

We personally think that this league had the potential to be in top three only if they were able to hold their ground in Europe.

Liga MX

Liga MX has an average of 1.23 goals per game with 0.10 red cards per game, 19 continental wins and 26-point differential. We were amazed to know that in 18-team Apertura, three team America, Santos Laguna and Toluca scored 30 goals in just 17 games which is pretty impressive.

Also, their teams have appeared in Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League. In the later league, both sides successfully advanced to group stage level along with Tijuana who went all the way to quarterfinals before they were knocked out by Atletico Mineiro.

Argentine Primera

AP has an average of 1.08 goals per game, 0.10 red cards per game, 18 continental wins and a point differential of 27. What makes it rank this high is their consistency and discipline of play. Though their number of goals may not seem appealing but their games by top eight clubs are amazing.


Featuring 1.23 goals per game, 0.09 red cards per game, 23 continental wins and 56point differential this league stands at number 8 on our list. So far, this league has the highest point differential among all but their clubs have shown some great performances.

Serie A

Serie A has 1.38 goals per game, 0.14 red cards per game, 15 continental wins and 39-point differential. There are many fans of Serie A out their but the reason for its low ranking is the high amount of red cards per game along with a massive gulf in class from top to bottom

Major League Soccer

MLS holds an average of 1.3 goals per game, 0.09 red cards per game, 11 continental wins and 43-point differential and is rapidly growing to the top. It has made plenty of strides during its 2013 season and is showing some serious performances in their current plays as well.


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