10 Best Soccer Kits

Are you looking for some of the best soccer kits ever?

I know it is pretty hard to find a cool one because a lot of designers get it terribly wrong. Your soccer kit is something that adds positive energy to your game and helps you perform better than before.

Because finding the right one is a pretty hectic task, so we have done the research for you and pulled out some of the world’s finest and best soccer kits ever made.

Best Soccer Kits 2018

Grab a cup of cappuccino, rest back and go through these beautiful kits that will give you that professional player look on the field.


This one is from year 1988 with a very simple, classic but a sleek design made for Holland’s premier club and all the legends who have played over the years. This is the TDK-era shirt and is from the time of Marco Van Basten.

Back then, TDK also manufactured blank cassette tapes which allowed to record the top 40 on. Also includes jumpers for goalposts. If you are really looking to step up your game with a punch of style and aggression, this could be your best football kit of the year.


From the year 1978, Argentina still holds the record for the simplest yet the most beautiful soccer kit every designed. Did you know it was long-sleeved back in 1978? It was modelled by goal machine Mario Kempes during their strewn final against the Dutch. It wasn’t an easy feast but they managed to beat the opponent.

The kit has its beauty and eloquence of its own. The blue and white colored stripes with a logo on the heart makes it look stunning and appealing from a far distance. Whether or not you are an Argentina supporter, you should definitely give this kit a try.


Now we are getting things serious. From the year 1988, the Arsenal’s soccer kit is one of the best out there. It features a classic design and is from English’s football. This iconic red shirt with white sleeves is known worldwide and is commonly preferred by many soccer enthusiasts.

It has a killer Gunners logo, a double sleeve stripe along with a lovely image of Michael Thomas who also sealed the title back in May 1989. Want the whole team heads turn and stare you play? Grab this kit.


From the year 2010, this kit of Barcelona is probably every football lover wants to wear. One reason is it being extremely cool shirts in the world of football. They had Unicef as their sponsor and have it embeded on their kit.

Needless to say they have ruled Europe and have been overall superior to many others. One thing we didn’t like about this kit is the ugly looking Unicef logo right in the middle of the design.

They should really think of upgrading their kit and reduce the size of their sponsor and embed it in some corner of the kit.

Blackburn Rovers

From the year 1992, say hello to Blackburn Rovers kit who are also the founding members of football league. Needless to say they have an unbroken kit record of blue and white halves which looks incredible.

This is 1992 kit pack and one reason to have it is its style and grace. Alan Shearer’s wore it during the season. The Blackburn Rovers kit also screams ‘underdog’ and ‘cheap lager’ for which it is quite popular. Their main sponsors are ASICS who is a popular manufacturer of many sports goods and is imprinted on the upper left corner of the shirt.

Bradford City

The Bradford City soccer kit is from the year 1994 and is a lovely combination of colors. It has maroon and orange stripes running along the length of the shirt with the sponsor print on left hand corner of the shirt and their official logo on the right side.

Though the design is like an old thick stripe texture, it looks sleek and stylish on the field and will make the heads turn. A quick hint: remember the Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Scarf? Google it and compare its design with this lovely kit.


This kit is from 1970 and not to mention that Brazilian kit is one of the best. Though football was invented by England but when it comes to some cool kits, nobody beats Brazil. This iconic shirt is of 1970 version and wore by many big names in the game.

Brighton & Hove Albion

This kit is from 2002 and is extremely cool and attractive. It has a slim style with a sleek design and has a Fatboy Slim’s dance label on it which was known as the coolest brands back then along with Brighton based to boot. Also, back then, the club was pretty skint when sponsorship began.


If you still haven’t wear the Cameroon kit, you are seriously missing the fun of playing soccer. It is a classic kit from 2013 and is one of the three African shirt designs, incorporating their identity. It is cool ever since and has been seen on international level as well.

Crystal Palace

From 1990, the Crystal Palace soccer kit is the last but not the least on our list. It is South London’s finest manufacture ever and was the best in 1990 FA Cup Semi-final. It was also worn by Ian Wright and Mark bright.

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