10 Best Soccer Drills

Your match performance simply doesn’t improve with practice alone. You got to try some of the most effective drills executed by the top players to get at top of your game.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry because we’ve got your back with these best soccer drills.

Best Soccer Drills

Whether or not you have tried these before, these are 10 of the best soccer drills for the best match performance. You will get the discipline of making those dribbles, shots, passes and defensive stance on the field with these drills.

So, without further ado, let us take a sneak peak of some of the best soccer drills out there.

1V1 Drill

If you are a wide player, dribbling skills can prove to be extremely useful for you. You can easily beat your opponent down that wing and cut through for a nice shot into the net.

As a winger, you can actually lift up the energy of the entire stadium and develop a sense of positivity in the entire team.

This is where you need to practice the 1V1 Drill. It may be a basic one but is really helpful to beat your opponent. Here is a video that shows you exactly how to execute this drill.

Cone Exercise

I’m not a big fan of Cone Exercise Drill but one reason I like it a lot is the extra control it provides, especially in close quarters. This makes it somewhat tricky as well. Here is a video showing the Cone Exercise and how to execute it in different styles, allowing you to control the ball in a different manner.

You can practice this drill at home, on the pavement and even at your local park.

Advance Cone Exercise

This comes from Become Elite which takes the regular cone exercise to the next level. What this drill does is teaches you to control the ball at different speeds and at the same time pacing ahead, down the field.

This not only improves your lateral movement while in full control of the ball but also allows you to enhance your cardio-vascular fitness on the go. If you have properly got hold of the regular cone exercise, this would be a pretty easy. Those of you directly advancing will have a tough time controlling the ball.

Circle Of Cones

In live games, what we see is players dribbling the ball here and there and of course they cannot in straight lines as the opponent is always there to snatch the ball away from your feet. This is where the Circle of Cones drill comes to the rescue.

We found this drill to be very effective in enhancing your dribbling skills, preparing you much better for the real games.

Here, you will be going both clockwise and anti-clockwise, making rigorous use of your feet to and fro.

Cut Backs

Because dribbling alone won’t help you sharpen your skills especially when you are playing against a pro level soccer athlete. This is where the Cut Backs drill proves to be handy. It not only improves your dribbling skills but makes you physical fit.

What it does is makes you quicker on handling and dodging the ball. You will be able to easily dribble the ball at tighter angles without losing control. Needless to say, it requires some serious practice before you can master it.

Shooting From A Square Pass

It is time to make shooting easier when you get the space and a well-weighted pass from the teammate. This is another drill from Online Soccer Training and helps a lot in getting better at your shooting skills from a square pass.

This is something that will help you score goals for your team same as Fernando Torres did for Liverpool back in 2008 with the same technique.

One thing I must say that this drill takes a lot of time to perfectly execute on the field.

One Touch Shooting

Soccer is all about pace and control and if you are not fast enough no matter which player you are on the field; your opponent will rob the ball from your feet. The one touch shooting drill helps to minimize the time you take to touch the ball before you shoot.

It will help you to adjust your body, head or feet to prepare for that one-touch shot when the ball is coming towards you.

We have taken this drill from Reading FC Academy and requires serious practice to master it.

Three Goal Drill

Want to be the star on the field? Try the Three Goal Drill because it ain’t an easy one but can surely make you a champion of the team. Chelsea FC has been seen many a times practicing this drill just as a fund exercise to help their players react better and shoot with insane power in the game.

You will need a goal or mini goal to practice this drill and a lot of practice. Steven Gerrard from Liverpool says, “No matter how much pressure you as a player is under, you need to believe your abilities and shoot on goal.”

Lay-Offs, Turns and Chest Control

Another video from ProgressiveSoccer shows us five different types of drills which you can practice in groups of three or more. It includes shooting, short passing and lay off.

Headers on Goal

A final drill on our top 10 is the Headers on Goal. Because soccer is not all about shooting with your feet, head shots can prove to be very handy. In fact, 20% of the goals are from headers. It may not be a very popular drill but very handy and important to learn as well.

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