14 Best Soccer Cleats For Kids 2018 Review

Are you looking for the best soccer cleats for kids? Maybe it is their birthday and you want to present them with a special gift or perhaps the young one has his first day of practice.

Whatever it is, this article is for you.

Since soccer is played with feet, your choice of shoes has to be the best one. This will not only increase the chances of your kid scoring goal in the game but will also protect his feet from any injuries.

Best Soccer Cleats for Kids 2018

We have handpicked these cleats after proper research and consideration based on their performance, durability, comfort level and user experience.

So without further ado, let us take a sneak peak of 14 of the best soccer cleats for kids.

PUMA Kids’ One Chrome FG Jr Soccer Shoe

PUMA never fails to surprise us with its range of amazing soccer shoes. The One Chrome FG Jr is a stylish and stunning cleat wrapped with a reflective silver foil and is one of their limited editions.

What makes it unique is its mirror like effect that will make the heads turn on the field. The Puma’s exclusive and highly effective evoKNIT sock perfectly complements this cleat as it offers a nice snugly fit with maximum comfort around the ankle area.

Performance wise it is lightweight, comfortable and nicely wraps your feet, offering maximum flexibility and a long lasting durability.

Its most noteworthy feature is the upper material. Puma has used synthetic material here which gives it that cool visual effect. Upon closer view, you will see a honeycomb like structure/cage within the thin layer of its upper skin helps to maintain the structure of the boot.

There is some additional texturing on the upper of this boot which offers a nice touch and control with the ball. This is actually soft and flexible. This means even if you squeeze it or turn your feet, this material is strong enough to hold the shape of the cleat.

Overall, it offers a snug fit with a nice lacing system which keeps it nicely wrapped around your feet.


  • High quality textile material used
  • Rubber sole
  • Reflective upper which looks sleek and stylish
  • evoSpeed & evoKNIT technology
  • Outstanding performance


  • As compared to older version this one is slightly expensive

Adidas Kid’s Ace 17+ Purecontrol FG Soccer Cleats

Take my money! Yes, because it is the Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol cleat with its outstanding performance. It feels like feather, thanks to its lightweight profile and has a nice lacing system which prevents foot slip when playing aggressively on the field.

If we look at the Red Limit and Checkered Black, Adidas actually worked to modify its design and alter it nicely in the form of Purecontrol.

Initially the company though to introduce laceless version but that could have been a disaster as the player would depend a lot on the structure of the boot to keep their feet locked in place.

Right out of the box, you can feel the durability of these cleat and its firm structure which keeps the shape of boot in place. It has a higher cut ankle collar which is also known as PrimeCut.

Once on the feet, you’ll immediately feel the pliable effect of the shoes which feels nice and cozy. However, its pliability will depend a lot on you choosing the right size.

One thing we recommend here is to try these cleat barefoot when you use them for the first time. Why? So that you can feel the comfortability of all the materials inside the boot.

Overall, they feel very comfortable and flexible when playing and come at a very reasonable price.


  • Made from synthetic material
  • Feature Primeknit upper wraps for extra support
  • Gain extra control at high speed
  • Feel the comfort and flexibility


  • No drawbacks

PUMA Kids’ Evopower Vigor 3D 1 Fg Jr Soccer Shoe

Another one from Puma is their legendary Evopower model which has made the market big time. Though it is the upgraded version of Puma Evopower but with better performance and features.

These cleat are designed for maximum power and accuracy. If your kid has just started playing soccer, I would highly recommend these shoes. There is something unique about this pair. The feel, power and performance is simply outstanding.

It helps to improve your focus on the game, provides you with a better touch and uniformly distributes the shock for maximum comfort. When coupled with a spandex sock, you will get a whole new level of performance and comfort.

The upper material is what makes it better than other shoes on the market. It is extremely flexible and is ideal to wear them right out of the box and go to the play area.

You will notice that this pair molds and folds in a natural way which boosts your confidence and helps you perform better than others on the field.

Its spandex upper material is worth mentioning here which also stretches depending on the shape of your feet and mimics its natural flow.

Finally, the top of the shoes has AdapLite technology. This is a stretchable material which helps to hold the shape of the boot and make the function properly.


  • Durable textile and synthetic material built
  • Imported quality
  • evoPower 1 with superior performance
  • Extremely comfortable and flexible


  • Overall perfect but slightly expensive on the high end color

Adidas Originals Kids’ Ace Tango 17.3 in J Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Originals Kids’ Ace Tango 17.3 is a cleat which gives you maximum control of the game in your hands. In fact, you are in full control with these shoes around your feet.

What makes them amazing is the soft control feel upper which is integrated to offer you a nice touch with the ball and also makes it a perfect indoor wear as well.

You can instantly feel the softness the moment you slip your feet inside. Other than being comfortable, these shoes are very breathable which keeps your feet dry for a prolonged duration and offer the ultimate ball control.

When it comes to the material and built, this pair is no less than an imported quality cleat. The synthetic material used gives it the strength to last longer while its rubber sole nicely absorbs the shocks from hard landings.

Overall, it offers you the absolute control to master your game and give your best performance on the soccer field enjoying softness, breathability and superior comfort.


  • High quality synthetic material built
  • Durable rubber sole which nicely absorbs shocks from hard landings
  • Soft, breathable and durable
  • Gives you the ultimate control


  • Size must be selected carefully

Nike Youth Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit FG Cleats

Undoubtedly, these are the strangest yet the best soccer cleats you will find on the market. With a nice combination of color and texture, this pair will make the heads turn on the field. The Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic offers a snugly fit and is extremely comfortable.

Its bulky but lightweight design gives you a nice swing and maximum power transfer in every shot. Every piece of this boot has been properly inspected and modified so as to offer an aggressive attack.

The unique off-cut dynamic fit collar offers you a comfortable fit and secure your ankles. This collar is actually flexible and bends with the natural movement of your feet.

Its color scheme is somewhat wild and is made to stand out from others on the field. This also gives it the attraction and uniqueness. One thing we really like about this pair is the way they feel comfortable ever after several months.

Overall, they come in a ready to play condition right out of the box and gives you maximum focus and control on the game.


  • Unique and wild color scheme
  • Comfortable sole
  • Polyester and spandex text
  • Comfortable and flexible


  • Slightly expensive

Adidas Originals Kids’ Ace 18.3 FG J Soccer Shoe

If Nike’s wild color soccer shoe didn’t surprise you, then surely Adidas Originals Kids’ Ace 18.3 FG J is going to impress you and that too at a very reasonable price. This pair is popular for its design and matte black color scheme with contrasting stripes.

The first thing that comes to notice is its slightly higher profile than other shoes. The large grip cones underneath its rubber sole nicely keeps your feet intact with the ground and prevents that ugly slip. You will be able to easily slide, drag and stop to make an aggressive lateral turn.

Its upper other than being sleek and stylish is extremely smooth and doesn’t collect any dirt. It has white stripes on the left and right sides of the shoe which nicely contrast with its black color whereas the red/orange color lining on the collar adds more glamor to it.

Its quick lace up system gives you a nice and customized fitting and helps keep your feet in place.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Made from high quality synthetic material
  • Mesh tongue and padded collar
  • Nice color scheme
  • Comes with a classic 3-stripe detailing
  • Beautiful TPU outsole along with conical studs which offers a nice penetration on firm ground fields


  • No drawbacks

Nike Jr. Hypervenom Phelon III Dynamic Fit Big Kids’ Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

Nike always over delivers and this time with their Hypervenom Phelon III Dynamic version. It has a beautiful collar and is extremely comfortable to wear and play around the field. Since its launch, it has been a massive success.

This cleat is focused on agility and the player immediately feels it. It also uses NikeSkin which adds extra comfort to this pair and gives you maximum focus on your game. When compared to T90, we found it to be more power and lightweight in nature.

The stiff yet flexible upper collar not only acts as a protective layer for your ankle but also adds extra touch to its overall design. Those of you thinking what makes the collar version more popular than the non-collar version, here is the answer.

It is all about the feel, the stretch and touch you get the moment you slip your foot inside. Overall, it has the best design, performance and comfort level on the market and a breathable upper for the ultimate playing experience.


  • High quality synthetic material
  • Feature Hecho en EE. UU. O
  • Unique design
  • Padded, stiff and flexible collar


  • Slightly expensive

Adidas Kid’s Predator 18+ FG Soccer Cleats

A true iconic cleat with an amazing design. The Adidas Predator is one of the best arrivals so far by the company and has a typical style which gives you a whole new level of control over your game while playing.

Its higher cut collar is worth mentioning here and CONTROLSKIN upper which adds flexibility and comfort to these shoes.

Since it is the upgraded version, there have been many changes and to be honest they all made it an iconic cleat of the year. Yup! It has the laceless design as expected with a stylish collar and snugly fit that won’t let your feet slip out of place.

Needless to say, whether or not they will keep your feet in place depends a lot on your natural fit. But don’t worry much, they aren’t design to slip off your feet.

Because of the laceless design, it takes some time for these shoes to loosen up and offer you a more natural fit. Overall, they perform well on the field and keeps your feet dry throughout the session.


  • Unique design
  • Durable and imported synthetic material build
  • Offers superior grip on hard grounds
  • Snugly fit and laceless design


  • Very expensive

Under Armour Boys’ UA ClutchFit Force 2.0 HG Jr. Soccer Cleats

This cleat feature faux texturized leather upper which makes it extremely durable and gives it the strength for those powerful shots. Its lightweight profile offers you a comfortable feel when playing and the padded collar protects your ankles.

The cushioned insole has a nice padding, offering a plush feel and nice recovery from hard landings. Its molded rubber outsole is worth mentioning. It further adds durability and shock absorbing qualities in this cleat.


  • Durable faux texturized leather upper for maximum durability
  • Lightweight design for outstanding performance
  • Padded collar for maximum safety
  • Cushioned insole with molded rubber outsole


  • Not for wide feet

PUMA Kids’ Adreno III Soccer Shoe

If you often play on a firm ground, PUMA Kids’ Adreno II are for you. These are the perfect cleat for kids who are just starting out with soccer. They require very less maintenance as the upper doesn’t collect any dirt or dust and the durable and fast design helps you perform the best.

It has a soft upper which is flexible and cushioned footbed for maximum comfortable. Overall, these shoes give you the best playing experience on the field.


  • Synthetic upper material with soft lining
  • Lightweight profile
  • TPU outsole along with conical studs
  • Perfect for firm ground


  • The white part of the shoe may get dirty

Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleat

If you are looking to dramatically enhance your performance and take your game of soccer to the next level, you definitely need to try the Adidas Performance Conquisto cleats. These are probably the best selling models of 2018 and come at a very reasonable price.

This pair uses high quality synthetic leather which is resilient and features an extremely durable molds for outstanding traction on wet grass. Finally, its lightweight design helps to increase your precision and performance.


  • High quality synthetic material construction
  • Lightweight design and durable body
  • Extremely soft lining for added comfort
  • Die-cut EVA insole


  • Not very flexible

Nike Youth Mercurial Victory VI CR7 DF FG Cleats

Nike has once again amazed us with their brilliantly designed cleat. This one is a new release with a brand new texture and color scheme. Its upper is made from lightweight synthetic material which isn’t a teijin synthetic like Vapor or Veloce.

Its synthetic material uses cheaper plastic but that doesn’t sacrifice its durability or comfort. It still feels soft and comfortable to wear and play on the field.


  • High quality synthetic material
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Leather upper
  • Neon heated color bottom for unique texture


  • A few users didn’t like the sock attached to the shoe

Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Fg J Soccer-Shoes

Though we like Nemeziz Messi for its reasonable price tag but one thing we really admire it for its it man made quality and design. It is of imported quality and features a synthetic sole that gives it the durability and strength to last longer.

It has a very responsive touch and offers you an ideal ball control in right out of the box condition. The soft Agility mesh really gives you a nice playing experience on the soccer field and its secure lockdown along with ankle stability and dual lock collar gives the ultimate snugly fit.


  • Man made and imported quality
  • Synthetic sole
  • Responsive touch and superior ball control
  • Dual lock collar for added comfort


  • Size must be selected carefully

Nike Youth HypervenomX Phelon III Turf Soccer Shoe

Last but not the least on our list is the Nike Youth HypervenomX Phelon III which is a great choice for the young and enthusiastic soccer players. It features leather dynamic cord upper and a thin mesh overlay which is designed to offer you superior fit and nicely conforms to the natural shape of your feet.

Its texture and design is pretty impressive and the touch and feel gives you effortless ball control. Overall, it is lightweight, comfortable durable.


  • Dynamic cord upper for a secured locked in feel
  • Mesh overlay which nicely conforms to the natural shape of your feet
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable


  • Collects dust easily

Soccer Shoes Buying Guide

I always tell my readers that knowing what to buy is more important than buying the product itself.

So, here is a quick soccer cleats buying guide which will help you choose the right pair for your kid.

Though there are tons of things to consider buy I’ll keep it short and precise.


When it comes to soccer cleats, there are six main types to choose from:

  • Firm ground cleats
  • Soft ground cleats
  • Turf shoes
  • Artificial grass cleats
  • Futsal soccer shoes
  • Indoor soccer shoes

Upper Material

There are five main upper materials to choose from:

  • Kangaroo Leather Uppers: Also known as K-leathers. This is extremely thin, soft and stretchable offering a very nice feel and control, however, isn’t much durable
  • Goat Leather Uppers: These are somewhat newly introduced in soccer shoes. Light in weight, thinner, durable and extremely soft
  • Synthetic Uppers: Leather like material with same feel and extremely durable and nicely holds the shoe in wet situations
  • Synthetic Leather Uppers: Probably the most durable material you will find which is waterproof, highly breathable and extremely comfortable as well
  • Full Grain Leather Uppers: For the ultimate comfort on field, this is probably the most durable material you will find but is expensive as well

Men’s vs. Women’s

It can be a little daunting task to discriminate men and women shoes as most of the times female players will buy men’s shoes. However, there are brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. who also manufacture soccer cleats for women.


Because it is all about fitting, you need to make sure that your shoes fit perfectly alright to offer you maximum comfort and allow you to focus on your game. A snugly fit which contours to the natural shape of your feet quickly is recommend. Also, always go for the lace lock shoes instead of laceless shoes.


Finally, price is an important factor to consider. Ideally, cleats that cost between $50-$120 are considered reasonable. However, if you have a good budget, you can go for more premium options available.


I hope this discussion was helpful. You have 14 options to choose from. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to ask in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article and subscribe to our blog.

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