10 Best College Soccer Teams

It’s a no joke but a whopping 4% of the world’s population is actively involved in soccer. It is a professional sports played by millions and people of all age groups. Whether it be children, youth or elder.

You too can become a professional player like Ronaldo, Messi, etc. and perhaps even get a chance to make the best teams and also find opportunities to coach on some level.

So, if you are finding a great way to start your career in soccer, you may want to go through these 10 best college soccer teams with the highest success of athletes.

Syracuse University

It was established back in 1870 and is a private research university which is located in Syracuse, New York. This school has over 15,000 graduates and some popular majors like psychology, finance, etc.

Ian Mclntyre is the head coach for Orange in 2010 and he has worked hard to build up the soccer team of this school. In 2012, their team was one of the most improved team in the nation and also in 2014, Ian was named ACC Coach of the Year.

So, far, this team’s most successful year has been 2015.

Duke University

The #4 university in the nation and is a home to some of the most demanded athletic programs. Though it has a pretty low student to faculty ration with high ethnic diversity but has some popular majors like economics, biology and public policy.

John Kerr was called up in the Duke Hall of Fame back in 2004 for his great achievements as a player and then in 2007 he became the head coach. Although their team is known as the best but were eliminated in the quarterfinals of ACC tournament in 2014.

University of North Carolina

If you are looking for women’s soccer team, this is probably the university you want to be in. They have 21 titles to their name and each player in the team has spent almost two seasons and has also won the National Championship. Their coach Anson Dorrance says that UNC is a great place for women’s team.

Messiah College

It is a small college but with a flashing soccer team which is highly dedicated to the sport. Their coach brad McCarty says that he chooses to coach at Messiah because he himself was a 1993 Messiah’s men’s soccer graduate and really loves this place.

University of California

With blazing sun, soccer becomes hot. Their Triton women’s soccer team has scored seven NCAA Championships and have also made their way to Division III and Division II. Though the women’s team is popular but the Triton Soccer Stadium is a home to both men and women with 1750 fans.

Back in 2010, UCSD’s soccer stadium was used for San Diego Chargers as their training camp. If you are an enthusiastic young player, really looking your way up to the top, University of California’s soccer team can really help you engrave your name among aspiring players.

St. Louis University

Also known as SLUnatics. They have a student organization which is known as Legion 1818 which is dedicated to all of their rising SLU’s men and women’s soccer fans. You can follow them on their official twitter account (@SLULegion1818) as well. Their men’s team has won 10 NCAA championships which is the most in the history.

The soccer athletes feel proud to call Robert R. Hermann Stadium as their home. It is worth $5.5 million and is spacious enough for 6, 050 fans. Hermann has also held eight conference tournaments and also hosts the NCAA Tournament.

Indiana University

Say hello to Hoosiers who secure number five slot as second best largest college on CM’s ranking. Their coach Kevin Robson says that he is very proud of the players. He also says that the boys come every day to work hard and he really enjoys them playing and winning the tournaments.

University of Virginia

The university has club and varsity teams both for the men and women. What’s great about this school is that no matter at which skill level you are, you will still get cheered. It has hosted 33 NCAA playoff games and secured seven NCAA championship victories as well.

Creighton University

With over 22 NCAA appearances and an amazing team of men, Creighton University if the best place to be a part of the best college soccer team. It has its tradition with soccer program for the national championship every year.

The players at this school are very hard working, ambitious and strive to achieve their goals.

Franklin Pierce

Last but not the least on our list if Franklin Pierce University which has five NCAA championships for their women’s varsity team. Their team is known as the Ravens and it has never missed any popular soccer game.

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