**New Information Added 3-16-2017**

Hello everyone, 

Due to a conflict on Monday, we will be moving referee training to Tuesday from 5pm-9pm for those who couldn’t make either weekend session.  

Another reminder for this weekend field session.  If you have your own whistle and flags, please bring them.  I will also need a few soccer balls. Also, if everyone brings a lunch, we can work through lunch and finish earlier.  Make sure you bring water, if needed.

***I am still looking for help for the field session. Please contact me if you have >3 years experience and can help.


Chad Kriskovich

BASRA President

Added 3/15/2017:

Hello everyone, 

We will have our second training session for new referees and those re-certifications with less than 3 years experience this Saturday at Amend Park. Those who attended last Saturday that would like to attend the field session are welcome to do so.  Please make sure you bring or wear appropriate attire for the field session. I suggest running shoes/athletic shoes vs. cleats as we may have to use the parking lot vs fields if they are too wet or are occupied. 

The schedule will be:

7:30-8am  registration

8am-10am  classroom instruction

10am-12pm Field session-recerts excused unless they need to take the exam

12pm-1230/1245pm lunch break-Please bring a lunch or plan on lunch nearby

1230/1245-4pm classroom instruction and exam.

There will also be another session on Monday, March 20th from 5-9 at Amend for anyone that has not been able to attend the other sessions.  

Just a reminder. BASRA dues for all recertifications is $20.  New BASRA referees do not need to pay dues.  Those who did not receive referee patches last week, please stop in and pick up your patch this weekend.

Also, we will need some experienced referees to help with our field session. Please let me know if you can help.  

See you there.

Chad Kriskovich

BASRA President


**New Information Added 3-7-2017**

We will have mandatory classroom and field sessions for new referees and for those re-certifications with less than 3 years experience. We have 2 sessions in case some of you cannot make one of the dates.  The sessions will be Saturday, March 11th and Saturday March 18th from 8am-5pm (with a 1 hr break for lunch). Please arrive 1/2 hour early so we can get everyone registered.

There will be 1/2 day of classroom instruction on the laws of the game and will include new rule changes (which are significant), exam review, and we will take a paper exam.  We will also have a 1/2 day field session, so make sure you have athletic shoes and have proper attire for the weather.

For new referees, there are no BASRA dues. For recertifications, the BASRA fee is $20.

Also, for those with >3 years experience, if you did not attend the last meeting, please stop in and pay your BASRA dues and pick up your patch if you completed the exam and modules.  We will have a classroom or online session for those who did not attend the last meeting at a later date.

Lastly, for those experienced referees, we will need some help with the field sessions.  Please contact me if you can help out with the field session(s).

Chad Kriskovich
BASRA President


Sessions will be held at Amend Park in the referee building to the left from the south parking lot.


2017 Referee Certification

and Re-certification Instructions

We are very sorry for the delay but this year there have been more law changes then ever before in the history of FIFA.


We have three different course depending on your grade and experience.  One for grade 8 referees with less then three years experience, one for grade 8 referees with more the 3 years experience, and one for grades 7. Please select the right one for your experience and grade.


Please complete register and complete the modules on the following link:

Due to the numerous changes, we will have mandatory training for all to cover the changes.


New Grade 8 certifications:  Complete only modules. An all day (8 hr) classroom/field training session will be done at Amend park in March (date tbd). We will go over and take the Grade 8 exam at that session.


Grade 8 re-certification under 3 years– Complete modules.  A 1/2 day (4hr) classroom/field training session will be done at Amend park in March (date tbd). We will also review and take the Grade 8 exam at that session as well.


Grade 8 re-certification for 3 years and over and Grade 7 re-certification and upgrades:  Complete modules and online test.  We will have a mandatory review of changes at the BASRA meeting. Date will be 2/15.  Location TBD.


I plan to have set dates for training by the next week.


Chad Kriskovich

BASRA President