Alumni – Magic City Soccer Club


Chris Andre – MSU-B
David Carpenter – RMC
Cory Champney – MSU-B
Daneson Gray – MSU-B
Justin Hoskins – MSU-B
Brian Huskey – MSU-B
Connor Jackson – North Idaho College
Tylan Jones – RMC
Andrew Kreiter – Seattle University
Derek Luptak – University of Mary
Keith McGlothlin – RMC
Jamie Muldoon – Whitman College
Gairret Orelup – MSU-B
Nick Pertuit – Incarnate Word, TX
Oliver Pertuit – Regis
Thomas Pertuit – MSU-B
Laura Prosinski – Concordia-Moorhead
Marta Prosinski – Concordia-Moorhead
Marco Rosales – MSU-B, Whitworth College
Titus Shoulderblade – Colorado Christian
Will Whitworth – MSU-B
Laura Baum – Concordia-Moorhead
Allie Beckers – RMC
Sara Campbell – University of Montana
Lexie Day – RMC
Tayt Ellison – Carroll College
Kendra Emmett – RMC
Laura Frazier – Concordia-Moorhead
Abby Habein – Concordia-Moorhead
Courtney Harvey – MSU-B
Allie Helterbran – Minot State University
Stephanie Jensen – RMC
Rebecca Patrick – University of Portland
Bridget Pertuit – Mesa State
M’ily Reiter – Seattle University
Jaucelyn Richter – MSU-B

Pat Thomas – Seattle University

McLean Reiter – Seattle University

If we left you off or if you have a correction, please contact Kevin Luse with your name and school.

About – Magic City Soccer Club



To be the premier soccer club in our region

Mission Statement

Magic City Soccer exists to promote the sport of soccer by fielding teams that provide the highest level of competition while creating the opportunity for each player to develop to their fullest potential.

Core Values

Champions of Character:  If all we do is teach soccer, we have missed a great opportunity.

We hold these above all else as our core values:  respect, integrity, leadership and sportsmanship.

Respect for the game and our stakeholders: self, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and spectators.

Integrity:  Doing right regardless of cost or outcome.  Integrity will not be sacrificed.

Responsibility: To faith, family, school, club, team, and self through conduct in both word and deed.

Leadership:  Recognizing we are ambassadors of the game and our actions serve as a reflection of our club, community, and state.

Sportsmanship:  The visible expression of our core values to the community regardless of the outcome of the game.

Our Stakeholders

Players   –   Parents   –   Coaches   –   Board   –   Soccer Community   –   Employees


Location and Office Hours

Our office is located at 2222 Broadwater Avenue (in the basement of the Red Terrace building). Go to the back of the building and down the steps. Click here for a map.

The mailing address is:  P.O. Box 22522, Billings, MT 59104. Our Website is

Our phone number is (406) 294-9480

Office Hours

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:  1:00 – 3:30 pm

Closed all Federal holidays.

Our office is primarily staffed by one person, so it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the office is open.  There are time when the office must be closed without notice.


2017 Spring Training Academy – Magic City Soccer Club

2017 Spring Training Academy



SPRING 2017 9, 10 and 11 (2006-2008 birth years)

REGISTRATION CLOSES February 20, 2017.



9/10 Boys (2008 and 2007 birth years) – TBA

9/10 Girls (2008 and 2007 birth years) –  TBA

11 Boys (2006 birth year) – TBA

11 Girls (2006 birth year) – TBA


The Magic City Spring Training Academy provides an opportunity for young players to gain technical skill from professional coaches in a less intense environment than competitive soccer and without travel.  The program is focused solely on individual player development.  The early years of a child’s soccer career are crucial for developing a love for the game and technical skills.  The program will develop individual player skills and creativity with the ball in a fun environment at training sessions while still providing opportunities for local game play.  The Spring Training Academy will allow the recreational or inexperienced player to gain the skills needed to progress to select teams as they grow and develop.


Runs from late March through late May.

Each pool of players will have a Technical Director (professional licensed coach) who will conduct technical training sessions for the group twice weekly to make sure that all players receive the same high-quality instruction.  There will be four separate training groups (separated by age and gender).

Set teams will NOT be formed.  Limited game play opportunities will be organized within the group or with other local clubs.  Teams will be formed for games from the available pool of players within the age and gender group.  Age group training sessions and inter-squad scrimmages will take place at Amend Park.

Each age group will follow an age-appropriate curriculum from US Soccer and Magic City Soccer Club.  Players will play in a number of positions to improve their understanding and knowledge of the game.  Games will be managed following a recreational model.


A Parent meeting will be held in early March to organize volunteers and plan for the upcoming season.

All players within each age and gender group will train together twice weekly.  These training sessions will be run by the Technical Director of that age group with training assistants.  The sessions will focus on technical development and will give each player consistent training throughout the season.


Inter-squad games will be organized within the training sessions throughout the training season.

The Magic City Classic Tournament will be held in Billings in early May.  Registration costs for this tournament are included in the base program fee.  Participation is expected by all players.


Interested players should have some prior recreational soccer experience, but it is not required.  Some ability in the areas of dribbling, controlling and striking the ball, and a basic understanding of the game will enhance the experience for all involved.  This program will develop these areas consistently during training sessions and games.


$195 for spring season including Magic City Classic Tournament registrations, player and coach insurance, registration with local, state, and national organizations, field fees, referee fees, and director stipends.

$25 (approx.) for uniform kit from Universal Athletics.  More information will be provided regarding ordering uniforms upon completion of your player’s registration.


We attempt to provide as much information as possible in a readily accessible format on our club website.  Our club registrar can be reached at the club office during office hours (which are posted on the website).  Also our Player Development Director can be reached at



2017 Player Bonds – Magic City Soccer Club

2017 Player Bonds

Post your player’s bond using the links below.


1 – If you have multiple players, post bond in the oldest player.  Then select Exempt as the payment option for the other child(ren).

2 – You are responsible for tracking your hours.  Once you have completed the hours, send your completed form to

     There is no need to wait until the end of the season.

IMPACT – $50 (5 Hours)  Pay Using Link Below


Competitive Players Age 12-14 – $100 (10 Hours) Pay Using Link Below


Competitive Players Age 15-19 – $50 (5 Hours) Pay Using Link Below


2017 Parent-Volunteer-Hour-Log

2017 Stockman Bank Magic City Classic – Magic City Soccer Club

2017 Stockman Bank Magic City Classic

April 29 – 30, 2017

Amend Park

Click Here to Register Now

Steve Kenney

Tournament Director

Stockman Bank Magic City Soccer

PO BOX 22522



 is proud to be the host hotel for the 2017 Stockman Bank Magic City Classic.  They are located at 5500 Midland Road, Billings, MT.  Click the link below for special rates!



Approved Application to Host – 2017