Core Values


To be the premier soccer club in our region

Mission Statement

Magic City Soccer exists to promote the sport of soccer by fielding teams that provide the highest level of competition while creating the opportunity for each player to develop to their fullest potential.

Core Values

Champions of Character:  If all we do is teach soccer, we have missed a great opportunity.

We hold these above all else as our core values:  respect, integrity, leadership and sportsmanship.

Respect for the game and our stakeholders: self, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and spectators.

Integrity:  Doing right regardless of cost or outcome.  Integrity will not be sacrificed.

Responsibility: To faith, family, school, club, team, and self through conduct in both word and deed.

Leadership:  Recognizing we are ambassadors of the game and our actions serve as a reflection of our club, community, and state.

Sportsmanship:  The visible expression of our core values to the community regardless of the outcome of the game.

Our Stakeholders

Players   –   Parents   –   Coaches   –   Board   –   Soccer Community   –   Employees